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5 Key Steps to Replacing an AC Filter

Many homes have AC systems. To avoid frequent repairs which can be costly in the long run, pay attention to your AC system by maintaining properly. The filters are crucial in the operation of an AC system but you should know how to replace them. The filter attracts things like dirt and many other contaminants in your home making it dirty after some time. Anyone can replace an AC system and by the time you will complete it, you will realize that it is as easy as it sounds. Below is a discussion on the things you need to do when replacing your AC filter.

First, you need to find where your filter is located. Depending on the structural design of your house, you may find it at the basement In case you live in an apartment, you should check in a utility closet or room. When it comes to filtering return air in an ac, you have two options. If it is near the AC unit, that is where you will replace it. On the other hand, you can replace the filter in the return air vent which is mostly available near your thermostat.

Next, ensure that you buy the right kind of filter. You can make the right decision if you read the printed information on the filter to learn more about its description. It is easy to know the specifics of the right filter for your AC unit if you research extensively especially online. An ideal place is one that focuses on selling filters so you can know more about the qualities and prices. When buying filters, there is no harm in having extras. Remember that you can change your filters frequently, sometimes as often as monthly depending on the environment.

Although you may have to use pliers, sometimes you can just open the vent with your fingers. By loosening the fasteners, the vent should open, or if it has a cover, it should open. Some systems require that you use a screwdriver or a ratchet. It is a mistake to start the job without having the right tools. Check out for indications that the filter should be replaced. The filter should come on any direction on the vent.

To avoid impeding airflow into your AC unit, ensure that the arrows face the wall. Once the filter is well seated, it is time to replace the vent or cover. If you click here, you will find out more about relevant information about AC systems and how to maintain them.